Manny Pacquiao's 'eye of the tiger'

Editorial cartoon by Dennis Gasgonia, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Jan 25 2019 08:46 PM

Manny Pacquiao's 'eye of the tiger'

There's some truth to the message of Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger," a fight anthem typically played by boxers for their march out of the arena tunnel to the ring, all while being showered with the deafening applause of thousands.

The 1982 hit featured in "Rocky III" is inspiring as it is intoxicating, the lyrics urging the panting and perspiring listener to stay the course, shut out the haters, and keep going until there's nothing left in the tank.

It is by that credo that Manny Pacquiao reached the top of the world — he worked his tail off like nobody else, and combined that resilience with his boxing skills to become an athletic legend.

But one opponent is out to get the Filipino world champion by all means necessary and this challenger has no history of losing.

Father Time is catching up with Pacquiao and it may have thrown at him a critical blow when news came out that Pacquiao suffered an eye injury, the effect of his battle with Adrien Broner last weekend. Reports said it could affect his fight plans, but Pacquiao played down the condition, declaring everything is OK.

Many boxers at this stage of their career still maintain an eye-of-the-tiger mindset, even though there are signs — telltale or subtle — indicating they need to hang up their gloves.

Health is the primary reason why Pacquiao must seriously think about retiring. He needs to see this transition not as a weakness, but as an opportunity to enjoy everything else around him while he is at full physical strength.

Of course, the only voice Pacquiao will listen to is his own. He has said he wants to continue boxing, and his wins over Lucas Matthysse in July and Adrien Broner this January indicate he has every reason to stay the course, tune out his critics, and keep going.

Inside the ring, Pacquiao still looks unbeatable; outside, when it comes to retirement talk, it appears nobody can stop him from doing what he wants, too.

In "Eye of the Tiger," the songwriter speaks of a man and his will to survive.

Given his physical vulnerability at his age, Pacquiao, 40, should listen to that song and use it not as motivation to win more belts, but as inspiration to make the most out of life in general. -- Dominic Menor, ABS-CBN News

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