NBA: How LeBron’s playoff numbers compare to other all-time greats


Posted at Oct 15 2020 05:56 AM

For as long as he has played in the NBA, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has been in the conversation as one of the best to ever the play basketball. 

After guiding the Lakers to their 17th championship and securing a 4th for himself, the discussion has ceased to become whether he is among the top 5, 3 or 2, but whether he deserves to be No. 1. 

Various metrics have shown that James -- thanks to his versatility and longevity -- could legitimately be the one. Better than Kobe Bryant. Better than Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. And, yes, even Michael Jordan. 

Using data from, ABS-CBN News compared how James' numbers in the postseason fare with other NBA superstars. 

Whether one agrees with James being the greatest or not, his spots in the all-time career rankings are impressive.