UAAP: NU, UST continue to lead way in chess


Posted at Dec 04 2022 03:03 PM

Woman International Master Kylen Joy Mordido of NU. UAAP Media.
Woman International Master Kylen Joy Mordido of NU. UAAP Media.

MANILA, Philippines -- National University and the University of Santo Tomas continue to pace the chess competition in UAAP Season 85 after the latest rounds in the women's and men's divisions at the FEU Tech Gym in Manila.

NU scored a 3-1 win over UST in Round 10 of the women's division on Saturday, as the defending champions hiked their accumulated match points to 22.5. They extended their lead over second-running Far Eastern University, which is currently at 19.5.

Woman Fide Master Allaney Jia Doroy (6 pts/8 games) delivered a creative mate on the 57th move in Board 1 against Maycydel Fajardo (4/9) to lead NU. Woman International Master Kylen Joy Mordido (7/8) complemented with a highlight tactical play in the 49th move to win material during endgame play against Josemier Panol (3.5/9) and take the win in Board 2.

Jesca Docena (5.5/8) clutched her way through a king vs bishop and knight endgame to salvage a draw against Rohanisah Buto (3/8) in Board 3 while Princess Ballete (4/7) split the point with Jamaica Lagrio (5.5/9) after a three-move repetition on the 54th move in Board 4.

FEU was held to a 2-2 stalemate Ateneo but managed to hold on to the second spot.

Woman National Master Bea Mendoza (6/9) and Woman National Master Rizalyn Tejada (4/7) took care of their respective assignments against Laila Nadera (3.5/9) and Arena Grand Master Alexis Osena (5.5/9), respectively, in Boards 2 and 3.

But Ateneo's Kristine Flores (6.5/9) and Jiessel Marino (1/2) emerged victorious in Board 1 and 4, over Me Ann Baclayon (5.5/9) and Regyne Palaming (1/2) to settle with a draw.

University of the Philippines, on the other hand, continued its resurgence in the second half of the season with a 3-1 victory over Adamson University.

Justinin Macapuno (4.5/7) and Jee-Ann Barry (2/5) propelled with wins in Boards 2 and 3, respectively after taking down Adamson's Jashua Patria (2/9) and Queenie Mae Samarita (3/6), respectively.

In Board 1, Precious Ferrer (3/7) settled for a draw against Robelle de Jesus (3/9) while Jallen Agra (3.5/7) split the point with Bonalyn Ornido (5/8) in Board 4.

Meanwhile, UST claimed a dominant 3.5-0.5 win over Ateneo in Round 6 of men's chess, also on Saturday.

With 20.5 points, the Tiger Woodpushers extended their lead to 6.5 points against second-running University of the Philippines (14.5 points) going into the last four rounds of the season.

Lee Roi Palma (5.5 pts/6 games) spearheaded UST's rampage in Round 6 by taking the win in Board 2 against Ateneo's Hans Jeremy Reyes (0/3) in 26 moves of the Slav Defense while playing the white pieces.

Antonio Almodal III (2/2) then successfully scored back-to-back wins by way of a 50-move conquest of Ateneo's Candidate Master Paul Matthew Llanillo (1.5/6) while Mark Gerald Reyes (1/1) delivered an impressive debut for UST, forcing Paolo Joaquin Villa (0/2) to resign after 26 moves of the King's Indian Defense with the white pieces courtesy of a nifty kingside attack.

Julius Gonzales (4.5/6.0) closed out UST's dominance with a draw on Board 1 across Christopher Khalil Kis-Ing (4.5/6) in 68 moves of a rook endgame.

UP also barged into the win column, after four straight draws, with a 3-1 thrashing of De La Salle University.

Jan Daryl Batula (4.5/6) remained unscathed after taking down Daniel John Lemi (2.5/6) in Board 3 while Joshov Rosarda (1/2) easily dispatched Jester Sistoza (2/5) in Board 4.

Fide Master Stephen Pangilinan (5/6) also remained undefeated on the top board as he settled for a deuce against Diomel John Escutin (0.5/3).

In Board 2, Mark James Marcella (1.5/5) also snapped out of his slump, finally enlisting his name on the scoreboard with a draw against undefeated Cyril Telesforo (5/6).

Meanwhile, Far Eastern University bounced back from their Round 5 mishap with a strong 3.5-0.5 win over Adamson University to take the third spot.

In Board 1, Hans Ezekiel Olorisisimo (3/5) secured a win over Vince Arellano (0/4) followed by National Master John Merill Jacutina's (3.5/6) triumph over Gerald Gonio (0/4) in Board 2.

John Kenneth Gelua (2/2) followed suit with a win in Board 4 against AdU's Jolan Ballobar (0/4).

John Frederick Sunga (2.5/6) avoided a shutout loss as he held FEU's National Master Lorenzo Cantela (4/6) to a draw in Board 3.