MMA: Brooks confident he can withstand Adiwang's attacks


Posted at Nov 23 2021 08:02 PM


Jarred “The Monkey God” Brooks doesn’t see himself going up against a tactician on the feet when he faces Lito “Thunder Kid” Adiwang in the main event of the previously recorded ONE: NextGen III this Friday.

While he did note the danger that Adiwang presents on the feet, acknowledging the Filipino’s power and explosiveness, he believes the 28-year-old’s striking isn’t that hard to overcome. 

“[Adiwang] called himself a very technical striker, but he’s really not. He’s just super powerful. He’s like [American boxer] Deontay Wilder of the strawweight division,” Brooks said.

“He’s super fast. He has great kicks. I would say his kicking is probably his heaviest weapon. He has a good cross and good hooks. He’s the best, most dynamic striker in the division -- but unfortunately, this is mixed martial arts. 

“You’re going against people that are greater at jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and boxing. So if you put all those things together, then it’s bad news for Lito.” 

The moment the bell rings, Brooks plans to look for every advantage he can get, even on the feet, where a lot of people feel Adiwang holds court. 

Still, Brooks is unfazed by Adiwang’s striking because when the match hits the ground he’s 1000 percent certain he’ll take over from there. 

“I definitely do look to exploit any type of weaknesses that he has, even if it’s on the feet,” he said. 

“But if it goes on the ground I think I do have an advantage. I know that their whole team has been working on grappling. And nothing against their team, they’re definitely A-plus, but I plan on giving him a good American b*** whooping. 

“I know he’s been working on it, but I’ve been grappling my whole life. I’ve been wrestling my whole life. And I go against some of the best grapplers in the world over in Michigan. So good luck, Lito. It’s going to be a tough, tough outing for you if it gets on the ground.” 

It’s not that Brooks expects an easy fight -- not at all. He’s actually expecting the signature Adiwang barrage in the early goings. 

However, he’s confident that he can withstand the attacks and win this titanic clash of strawweights. 

“It’s going to be the toughest portion of the fight, that first minute and a half. After that, we’ll see where it goes, but I think it’ll be all downhill [for Adiwang] from there,” Brooks continued. 

“I’m down to finish him no matter what. If it’s on the feet, if it’s on the ground. This is mixed martial arts, so anywhere, any place, any time. And if it doesn’t happen, then I promise you, he’s going to be dead tired with me on top of him, beating him up. 

“I definitely want to be the best in the world. I think I am right now, but I just have to go out and prove it.”