Dota 2: Abed and Evil Geniuses, Karl and Kuku’s T1 grab TI10 main event slots

Kennedy Caacbay, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Oct 10 2021 07:31 AM


Evil Geniuses, the team of Filipino prodigy Abed Yusop, and T1, the Southeast Asian squad of Pinoy professional gamers Karl Jayme and Kuku Palad, are advancing to the main event of The International Dota 2 World Championships.

This developed after the South American crew Thunder Predator suffered 14 losses in the TI10 group stage, mathematically failing to secure enough victories to proceed to the main event. 

Only one team from both Group A and B will be eliminated. 

With Evil Geniuses and T1 playing in Group A, the same group with Thunder Predator, it ensures Filipino representation still in contention for the Aegis of Champions, with a P900 million grand prize.

The International 10 has a record-breaking prize pool of $40,018,195.

Their respective teams' placement in the group stages, however, will determine whether they will be playing in either the upper or lower bracket.

The knocked-out South American crew is taking home $100,000. They ended the third day with a 0-14 win-loss record.


The third day of TI10 opened with jam-packed action from North American powerhouse Evil Geniuses and defending champions OG.

The two teams are known for their long history of drama, with Evil Geniuses’ Tal “Fly” Aizik leaving his former team, OG, to assume EG's captain position.

Sumail Hassan was also the former middle player of Evil Geniuses, who now plays for OG. The Philippines’ Abed replaced Sumail, joining the North American squad.

The much-awaited BO2 matchup between the two teams ended in a draw.

Abed and Evil Geniuses on Day 3 secured 3 wins and 3 losses in total (1-1 vs. OG, 2-0 vs. Thunder Predator, and 0-2 vs. Virtus Pro).

T1, Karl and Kuku’s Southeast Asian squad, meanwhile, secured 6 wins (3 best-of-two victories against Team Aster, Alliance, and Team Undying) incurring no losses.

Kuku, also the captain of T1, brought to Twitter his satisfaction for his team's Day 3 performance.

Evil Geniuses, T1, and Team Undying are now in a three-way tie for fourth in Group A.

Only four teams will qualify for the upper bracket in the main event.

Another Southeast Asian team, Fnatic, ended Day 3 with only acquiring one win alongside three losses.

They lost their BO2 against Russian esports org Team Spirit and drew their series with Beastcoast, 1-1.

Fnatic is the home of Pinoy elite players Marc Polo Luis "Raven" Fausto and Djardel Jicko "DJ" Mampusti.