No fans at a Pacquiao fight? Top promoter says spectator-less arena not ideal


Posted at Sep 30 2020 06:41 PM


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MP Promotions chief Sean Gibbons said he couldn't see Manny Pacquiao fighting in a closed-door arena given his stature and the money he commands. 

Boxing events have been held without spectators because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Logic would tell you that with the kind of money the senator is going to command for any fight he takes, there would have to be some fans in the stands,” Gibbons said in an article on Yahoo Sports

A large crowd is needed to put up such a large event and this is true even to other boxing superstars. 

“It’s the same with [Deontay] Wilder and [Tyson] Fury and Anthony Joshua. You need crowds to generate the kind of money it takes to put on an event like that,” Gibbons said.

Although Gibbons would not confirm negotiations between Pacquiao and MMA superstar Conor McGregor, he said Pacquiao has nothing more to prove.

“The senator is long past the point of having to prove anything,” Gibbons said. 

“He’s in his 26th year and with what he’s done, it’s enough to get him in the Hall of Fame 10 times over. He wants to give the fans what they want. 

“Let’s be honest, here -- At this stage, there is nothing he could do to top what he’s already done. What does it mean to him now to beat the best welterweights out there? Been there, done that. At this point, Manny is on a sort of a victory lap, and he’ll let the fans speak and then make a decision.”