Mobile Legends: MPL officials apologize after Onic, Omega 'bug issue'


Posted at Sep 28 2021 02:29 PM

MANILA - Organizers of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League apologized as a technical gaffe in a game between Smart Omega and Onic Philippines took an hour to resolve Friday evening. 

In the draft round for the deciding set between both squads, Onic reportedly experienced a draft bug, as a different hero came out, prompting the team to report the supposed draft bug immediately, MPL Philippines said in a statement

Draft picks often affect the tempo of the game, as teams select heroes that are relevant to player positions and are crucial to their in-game rotations and enemy counters. 

The head marshal, however was “unable to come up to a quick decision to resolve the issue,” MPL Philippines said, as the wait to resolve the technical bug lasted over an hour. 

“This resulted in a complication because the issue should have been resolved immediately by ordering for an immediate redraft or letting the draft continue with the current picks,” the statement read, adding that MPL-PH officials intervened, with the conclusion that a redraft should be done.

Both teams were following the marshals' instructions and expressing their sentiments on the situation, they added. 

The league also urged the public to "stop spreading negative comments to either team and focus on supporting and cheering for your favorites." 

The MPL- PH Organizing Committee vowed to improve its steps, "including handing out internal punishments" to prevent the incident from happening again.