Improving officiating always a league priority, says UAAP commish Saguisag


Posted at Sep 13 2017 02:17 AM

UAAP commissioner Rebo Saguisag said officiating is crucial in maintaining the integrity of the game, which is why the league constantly looks for ways to improve it.

Saguisag said the UAAP plans to assemble its own pool of referees who will receive training and better pay to ensure quality officiating.

“We always say that we have the best players, the best coaches,” he said on ANC’s "Hardball" on Monday. “(But) we also have to have top-notch officiating.”

“ ‘Pag faulty ang officiating and may question sa integrity of the game, maaaring bumagsak lahat,” he added.

According to Saguisag, the league currently outsources its game officials.

“As long as we outsource them, parang wala tayong control sa mga ito. After the season ends, they go back to their mother units,” Saguisag said. “(But) to be fair, they work hard.”

He added that basketball is one of the hardest sports to officiate.

“With all sorts of contact going on, not all decisions are binary, a simple in or out like tennis . . . judgment is really involved in basketball,” Saguisag said. 

“Like I said, you recruit the best coaches, recruit the best players, give them training, send them abroad. We don't do the same thing to our officials. 

“It will be a long process, but we should start a pool of our own referees. Start paying them better to attracted the best and the brightest . . . not only in basketball.”

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