Mobile Legends: Bren spoils Kelra's return


Posted at Sep 10 2021 10:32 PM

Bren Esports celebrate their first MPL - Season 8 win. Screenshot. 
Bren Esports celebrate their first MPL - Season 8 win. Screenshot. 

MANILA - Bren Esports took their first Mobile Legends Professional League-Season 8 win after taking down Smart Omega and spoiling Kelra's season debut, Friday evening. 

After bucking a slow start, Karl "KarlTzy" Nepomuceno's Benedetta took 6 kills - of which was capped off by a triple-kill 21 minutes in - to spoil Smart Omega's 18-minute curse and take Game 1. 

David Charles “FlapTzy” Canon took the MVP award in Game 1 after his vital role in tilting the momentum for Bren Esports mid-game, logging a 1/1/10 kill-death-assist count. 

Bren used an entirely different lineup, headlined by the "Ange-Ling" combo of CJ "Ribo" Ribo and KarlTzy, in an attempt to counter Smart Omega's late-game heroes. 

It was Lusty's vintage Grock pick that made the most in Game 3, bringing the defending world champions to a good start that eventually snow-balled into their first season win. 

It was sweet revenge for members of Bren Esports, who were eliminated by Smart Omega's lineup last season when they were still with Execration. 

It was also Kelra's first game back in Smart Omega's lineup after being suspended over remarks made on social media. 

Bren Esports' Muj “Malik” Malik made his MPL debut, replacing team captain Phewww's mid-laner spot. 

Meanwhile, Nexplay EVOS bring their win streak to 2 after sweeping RSG, 2-0 in the first match of the day. 

A lord take gave Nexplay enough edge to bring down RSG's sustain-heavy lineup in a 28-minute long Game 1. 

It looked like RSG's set to win in Game 2, having already busted down all but one of Nexplay's turrets. But Nexplay was able to gain enough strength mid-game to turn back the rookies and secure the sweep.