Roach pessimistic about Pacquiao-Mayweather


Posted at Sep 08 2010 09:55 AM | Updated as of Sep 08 2010 07:54 PM

Roach pessimistic about Pacquiao-Mayweather 1

MANILA, Philippines – American trainer Freddie Roach is cynical about the much-requested clash between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

In an interview with Jose Aguirre of, Roach said he believes that Mayweather will not accept a fight with his ward.

“He waits for Manny to sign a contract with someone else, so he doesn’t have to be pressured into fighting Pacquiao,” said the 4-time Trainer of the Year recipient.

“He wants to keep the zero on his record so he can argue that he’s the best fighter in the world. So he can say that he’s better than Sugar Ray Robinson. As long as he has that zero, he can make an argument, but once that zero is gone - the argument is over,” he added.

Negotiations for the Pacquiao-Mayweather bout fell apart twice, firstly because of the camps’ disagreement on the drug testing protocol, and secondly because the undefeated Mayweather (41-0, with 25 knockouts) reportedly snubbed a deadline to fight the 7-division world champion Pacquiao (51-3-2, with 38 KOs).

Roach pessimistic about Pacquiao-Mayweather 2

Roach also slammed Mayweather for being too picky about his opponents.

"A loss is a part of life. A loss can make you better. Actually, it's good to lose sometimes in our lives to improve ourselves, to get a wake up call. In Floyd's little mind, he's content with that zero,” he went on.

He pointed out the Sugar Ray Robinson (173-19-6-2, with 108 KOs) and other boxing greats suffered losses in their career but are still considered as legends of the sport.

“But when he [Mayweather] compares himself to those type of guys, it doesn’t sit with me too well because he won't even fight the best guys out there today. He actually ducked [Antonio] Margarito a couple of years ago also. He was offered a lot of money to fight him twice and ducked him. He picks and chooses his opponents and if that's what he's going to be happy be it.”

The Pacquiao-Mayweather bout was first scheduled on March 13 then on November 13.

Pacquiao went on to defeat Ghanaian Joshua Clottey on March 13 by unanimous decision while Mayweather beat Shane Mosley on May also by unanimous decision.

The Filipino boxing superstar will then face Mexico’s Margarito on November 13 at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Mayweather, for his part, first announced that he will be taking a short break from boxing. He also revealed that Dubai will be the destination of his next fight. – With reports from Jose Aguirre and Mark Vester,