Analysts: 'Floyd should have finished McGregor in 2 rounds'

Dennis Gasgonia, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Aug 28 2017 08:33 PM

Mayweather just made fight look competitive, analysts say

Floyd Mayweather Jr. lands a hit against Conor McGregor during their boxing match at the at T-Mobile Arena. Mark J. Rebilas, USA TODAY Sports/Reuters

Floyd Mayweather Jr. could have easily stopped Conor McGregor earlier, but decided to make the fight look more competitive, according to boxing pundits.

Fight analyst Dennis Principe believes Mayweather knew he will be roasted for taking a high-paying, but easy fight which is why the American decided to let McGregor do his thing before going for the kill in 10th round.

“The blame will be on Mayweather if something unfavorable happens, like a first-round stoppage or a totally one-sided match. Lahat ang blame kay Mayweather,” explained Principe. 

“Tingin ko before the fight happened, alam ni Mayweather na kaya niyang pabagsakin si McGregor and alam niya the guy doesn't have the chance against him, so pinasarap niya.”

This also explained the volume of hits McGregor was able to score against Mayweather.

Compubox numbers showed that the mixed martial arts (MMA) superstar landed 117 shots on Mayweather, making Pacquiao’s 81-punch effort against the same fighter in 2015 look pale in comparison.

“Supposedly maraming patama si McGregor. That is because Mayweather had to do his share to make it look more competitive,” said Principe.

Boxing referee Danrex Tapdasan agreed.

In a separate interview on ANC’s "Hardball" on Monday, Tapdasan likened the bout to local pool matches where the better player typically prolongs the game to excite the crowd.

“‘Pag naglalaro ka ng kanto-kanto noon, merong mga tirador na pinapaganda 'yung laban. 'Yung kaya naman nilang tapusin agad, pero ginagawa nilang hill-hill,” he said.

“'Yun ang nangyari doon. Dinala ni Mayweather si McGregor at inayos ang laban para maging masaya. Para 'yung mga tao they get their money's worth, para mapasaya. They did their best, but unfortunately their best was not good enough.”

The junior middleweight bout showed McGregor getting the "upperhand" against Mayweather in the first three rounds by landing punches and even connecting an uppercut flush to the American boxer's jaw.

But when Mayweather decided to go on the offensive starting in the fourth round, there was little "Notorious" could do to defend himself. 

"If Mayweather was like this that from the first round onward, hindi tatagal ng two rounds ang laban," said Principe.

"Kita mo walang depensa si McGregor. Yes, he was tired pero you can see he doesn't know how to defend himself against a pure boxer and a great boxer at that."

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