Faster, smarter Pacquiao will outwork Ugas, predicts Teddy Atlas


Posted at Aug 19 2021 05:14 PM

Faster, smarter Pacquiao seen to outwork Ugas

Boxing coach and commentator Teddy Atlas believes Manny Pacquiao should win against the taller Yordenis Ugas of Cuba in this weekend's WBA welterweight title clash in Las Vegas.

He noted that Ugas is not the type who initiates the action since he is a counter puncher. This, he said, is the reason Ugas lost in his biggest fight against former Pacquiao training partner Shawn Porter back in 2019.

"Ugas is a counterpuncher, I thought he won the Porter fight... but he was outworked by Porter. Ugas is the kind of guy you can outwork him," said Atlas in The Fight. 

"He's a decent counterpuncher and a pretty good body puncher. But he's not a guy who could put up big punch numbers."

The analyst said this makes Ugas a vulnerable target for the agile and faster Pacquiao. Add to that is the Filipino's ability to handle fighters even taller than him.

"Manny's hands are real fast.. they are some of the fasters hands maybe in the history of the sport. For me, Manny should be too fast, too busy, too smart, and too good and will win by unanimous decision. He'll outwork the fighter in Ugas," said Atlas.

But Atlas said there will be a couple of things Pacquiao will have to contend against on fight night -- including boxing politics.

"My pick is going to be Manny by, it should be a unanimous decision that could be split decision," he said.

"Don't be surprised if it's close fight and they say wait a minute we're going to favor Ugas, a guy who stays with us. Pacquiao's going to be leaving us and we're not going to get any sanctioning fee from him. Let's keep a champion we have control over." 

Atlas noted that the WBA already played politics with Pacquiao when they stripped him of the title due to "inactivity."

"They didn't use the same standard for Keith Thurman. Keith Thurman has been inactive for two years and they didn't strip him," said Atlas.

The other thing that concerns Atlas is that father time might finally catch up with the 42-year-old Pacquiao.

"I know he's special, but sooner or later he's going to get old. He's been very elusive. Father time seems to can't find him. He's chasing him all over the ring. But sooner of later he's going to put his hands on him," said Atlas.

"We'll see it on Saturday in the ring." 


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