Pacquiao has Roach’s vote for president but fight 2 more times first, says trainer


Posted at Aug 14 2020 10:56 PM

Hall of fame boxing trainer Freddie Roach said he believed Manny Pacquiao has 2 more bouts left in him.

After that, he said the fighting senator should call it quits and run for president.

“I’ve had discussions with Manny on having two more fights for his career, and then maybe (stay) in the politician side of it,” Roach said in an article posted on

“Manny would like to fight a couple of more times and then run for the presidency of his country.”

Roach said he relished the idea of Pacquiao becoming the first boxer ever to become president. 

“The first fighter to ever do that and it will be another part of his history and I think he will be really good at it,” said Roach.

But until that happens, Pacquiao will still have to continue fighting.

There were reports that he was in talks with the camp of WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford, although Roach preferred former junior welterweight king Mickey Garcia.

“I think that’s a really, really good fight,” he said.

Either that, or have another go against a controversial nemesis, said Roach.

“What he would like best is (Floyd) Mayweather one more time,” Roach said.

Pacquiao dropped a unanimous decision loss against Mayweather in 2015 after hurting his shoulder midway the bout.

A healthy Pacquiao will be more competitive in a rematch, though.

“He fought well, but he can fight much better and with much more activity. I think the activity would be too much for Mayweather. Then again, Mayweather might not come back,” Roach said.

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