Thurman says fight with Pacquiao should’ve been a draw, seeks rematch


Posted at Aug 08 2019 12:03 AM

Keith Thurman didn't believe he lost to Manny Pacquiao. Wendell Alinea, MP Promotions

After a split-decision loss to Manny Pacquiao that cost him his world welterweight title last month, Keith Thurman said he feels he deserves a rematch.

Thurman, who was floored in the first round and didn't have enough to turn the tide against a relentless Pacquiao, said their fight should have ended in a draw.

"I still got a lot of respect for him. I still think the fight was nothing more than a draw. I don't really think he won the fight. I know it was hella close, sometimes it's a coin toss, but a coin toss is sometimes 50-50 and you gotta pick heads or tails," Thurman said in an article posted on

Thurman also said Pacquiao probably got the split decision because of his experience.

"I'm ready for the rematch. He just got off to a good start, I was behind, and he was just a little bit calmer than I expected Manny Pacquiao to be," Thurman said, adding that he would even come to the Philippines to ask for a rematch.

"Why not? I think it's the best fight of the year. I might have to go the Philippines and we'll need to talk in person. I might have to do that. Apparently the Philippines loves me now," he said.

"They loved the fight, they loved the action, it wasn't the Floyd Mayweather fight (with Pacquiao), it wasn't the Adrien Broner fight (with Pacquiao), it was a real-deal championship boxing match."

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