MMA: Joshua Pacio responds to Jarred Brooks


Posted at Jul 14 2021 07:23 PM

ONE strawweight champion Joshua “The Passion” Pacio fired back after American mixed martial artist Jarred “The Monkey God” Brooks called him out a few days back. 

Brooks, who is expected to make his ONE Championship debut soon, took shots at every athlete in the strawweight division, including reigning champion Pacio. 

While “The Monkey God” believes that Pacio brought legitimacy to the title because of how he ably won and defended it multiple times in his stint as a world champ, he vowed to make an example of Pacio. 

“I’m there to rip him apart and show everybody around the world that I’m the best in the world,” Brooks said. “I love you, Josh, but I got to come in there and make my dues.” 

This prompted a reply from the fiery Team Lakay star. 

The 25-year-old admits he has been keeping an eye on Brooks even before he signed with ONE. 

The American star has been considered one of the best strawweights outside of ONE, and many believe his signing is the perfect addition to the collection of stars in the division. 

“I respect Jarred Brooks, he’s a great athlete, and I think every athlete has [to pay his] dues. I got my eye on him,” Pacio said. 

While respect isn’t lost between the two men, Pacio will be the first to tell Brooks to wait in line. After all, there’s a plethora of names in the ONE rankings that Pacio thinks are far more deserving of a world title shot. 

“Right now, I’m more [focused] on who’s in the rankings, and I think Bokang Masunyane is a lot better than Jarred Brooks,” he said. 

“I’m not at my peak yet, but I promise you when you get to face me in the future, I won’t be that easy.” 


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