Salud: PBA is not rigged, not fixed

By Camille B. Naredo,

Posted at Jul 04 2012 05:17 PM | Updated as of Jul 05 2012 09:02 PM

Commissioner to meet with Allado tomorrow

MANILA, Philippines – Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) commissioner Chito Salud categorically denied the accusations of Barako Bull Energy forward Don Allado, who claimed through his Twitter account that PBA games are fixed.

"This league is run professionally. This league is not rigged, it is not fixed," Salud said in an interview with ANC Wednesday.

"It is such a disgrace and dishonor to his co-players and the entire organization for him to say that this league has no credibility," Salud added.

Allado on Wednesday morning caused a firestorm on Twitter when he posted a series of angry tweets, claiming that "PBA games are fixed."

"They control who is in and who is out. It’s a disgrace to be in this league," he tweeted. "I can accept losing to teams. But I can’t accept losing because of referees."

"I am bitter about losing. Not to Powerade, but to PBA. In my opinion, this league has little credibility left," Allado added.

Allado and the Barako Bull lost to the Powerade Tigers on Tuesday night, 93-99, in a do-or-die game in the PBA Governors Cup.

Allado's tweets have since been deleted.

Following the game, one of the referees, Peter Balao, was suspended after he missed a three-second call in the crucial moments of the fourth quarter.

"The decision (to suspend the referee) was arrived at and announced immediately after the game... It was a blatant non-call," Salud explained.

"No review was necessary because it was a three-second call that he missed, and it was so obvious. No review was necessary to impose the sanction," he added.

"We act swiftly because we want to protect the integrity and the credibility of the league, which now Allado is trying to destroy."

Salud said he was surprised with Allado’s reaction and considered the tweets "inimical and prejudicial to the best interest of the league."

"I am curious whether or not Allado has actual proof to back up his statements. I will meet with him tomorrow and ask him personally to give me the proof to back up his statements," Salud said.

Salud said he will wait to hear Allado's side of the story before deciding on the appropriate sanction for the player.

"I want to hear his side. Let him explain, expound, clarify on the accusations he has hurled through his Twitter account. Then and only then will I weigh the gravity of his statements and impose sanctions that I think will be commensurate to the acts that he committed," Salud said.

But the commissioner made it clear that Allado crossed a line when he made his allegations on Twitter.

"Losing is always agonizing, and I understand the passion. But you cannot cross boundaries of sportsmanlike behavior, and in this case, I truly believe he did," Salud said.

"He's dragging down the whole organization with his reckless accusations," he added.