Roach OKs 145 lb for Cotto fight

Abac Cordero, The Philippine Star

Posted at Jun 25 2009 11:00 AM | Updated as of Jun 25 2009 09:17 PM

MANILA, Philippines – It seems that Manny Pacquiao, Freddie Roach and Bob Arum are not on the same page.

A day after Pacquiao’s lawyer, Franklin Gacal, said Miguel Cotto should go lower than 144 lb to earn a shot at the Pinoy icon, Roach, the trainer, said he’s fine with 145, and added that he doesn’t even care if the champion from Puerto Rico goes way, way beyond that.

“Arum called me and I told him I don’t have any problems with the fight being at 145 pounds. In fact I don’t care if Cotto wants to weigh 200 pounds,” Roach was quoted in an article that came out of yesterday.

Weeks back it was Roach who said they’d only fight Cotto if he goes down to 142. But the 28-year-old WBO welterweight champion, Arum’s own boxer and personal choice as Pacquiao’s next opponent, said he can’t go lower than 145.

“Baka hindi nag-uusap-usap (Maybe they’re not communicating),” said a Team Pacquiao member in explaining why different statements keep coming up in different interviews with different media outlets.

“It doesn’t matter if it takes place at 145 pounds. That was the weight we had said right from the start. I will go up in weight by eight to 10 pounds (by fight night). We are waiting for confirmation,” Cotto told Mark Vester. “Nothing impresses me. He (Pacquiao) has two arms and so do I. Things in life happen when they have to happen.”

Gacal also said last Monday that Pacquiao would be happy with a 65/35 sharing in his favor, and again just the other day, the three-time Trainer of the Year said Pacquiao should get no less than 70/30 if it’s Cotto.

Still, Arum said everything’s on track. He met with Pacquiao’s emissary, Mike Koncz, in Las Vegas last Sunday, and presented his fight proposal for Pacquiao to review, and hopefully, sign.

“We’re pretty well there. I’ll get it down next week. That’s my goal,” Arum told USA Today.

“If there’s a need to make a counter-proposal, then we will prepare one, but otherwise, it means it’s shoot,” Gacal told scribes in Manila. He also added that Pacquiao wants to fight on Oct. 17 even if Arum said it’s Nov. 14.

“That’s what I want – to fight in October,” said Pacquiao. “They gave me the original date of October 3 and I had it moved to October 17.”

But Arum had moved it to Nov. 14, saying October is the month for the World Series, and that moving the fight one month later would give Cotto ample time to heal the cut he suffered against Josh Clottey two weeks ago.

“We decided we didn’t want to call Manny to discuss it on the phone because Manny tends to be distracted,” Arum also told USA Today.