New ONE fighter Pacatiw describes his fighting style as 'like dancing'


Posted at Jun 16 2021 04:47 PM

New ONE fighter Pacatiw describes his fighting style as 'like dancing' 1
Team Lakay's Jeremy “The Juggernaut” Pacatiw signs with ONE. From Pacatiw's Facebook page.

Jeremy “The Juggernaut” Pacatiw just signed with ONE Championship, and he’s bringing lots of confidence to the table. 

With an experienced team backing him and solid international experience outside of ONE to boot, what’s there to fear? 

"I know this is God's plan. This is the perfect time for me to join ONE," Pacatiw said. 

There’s really no question as to why Pacatiw got picked up by ONE. He comes in as part of Team Lakay’s new wave of athletes alongside fresh signees like Stephen “The Sniper” Loman and Jhanlo Sangiao. 

Moreover, he presents a unique style of striking that involves attacking from all angles, making him one of the most elusive athletes on Team Lakay. 

That says a lot, considering fans have seen some of the most graceful strikers come out of that gym. 

"The bantamweight division is very stacked, deep, and has high-caliber fighters. But they haven't fought someone like me,” Pacatiw said. 

"My fighting style is like dancing because I focus on my footwork. Everyone knows that Team Lakay fighters are strikers, but I'm more of a danger because I am slick. Also, I'm a striker and I can wrestle. I'm a well-rounded fighter and I think that's my biggest strength.” 

Pacatiw admits to feeling some nerves entering this new chapter of his life, but he believes that with the proper mindset, he’ll be able to perform at his best when he debuts. 

"When Coach Mark [Sangiao] told me that I will be signed, I was very excited and happy. But I was also nervous because I know that in ONE Championship, I'll be fighting against high-caliber athletes. There's also pressure because I'm a part of a well-known team like Team Lakay," he said. 

"But I handle it through maintaining my focus so that I can achieve my goals. My seniors have also reminded me to work double-time and focus on my training because this is a big organization, and I'll be facing a lot of high-caliber opponents. So I really have to train hard." 

At the end of the day, it’s all about building a lasting legacy, and if his teammates like former world champions Eduard “Landslide” Folayang and Kevin “The Silencer” Belingon can do it, then he’s confident he can as well. 

"When I look at my seniors like Kuya Eduard [Folayang], I always feel that I want to join ONE Championship. I really like what they are promoting, which isn't all about trash talking but rather building a legacy. I always admired their vision," he said. 

"I was inspired by [my teammates’] achievements. They really showed that us Filipinos are world champions. That lit a fire under me, and I also want to rise to the top and be just like them," he said. 


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