SBP will 'move forward' with nat'l 3x3 program


Posted at Jun 06 2021 03:09 PM

SBP will 'move forward' with nat'l 3x3 program 1
The Philippine national 3x3 team finished last in the recently-concluded FIBA 3x3 Olympic Qualifying Tournament.

MANILA, Philippines -- After a disappointing performance by the national team in the FIBA 3x3 Olympic Qualifying Tournament, the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas will take key steps to further invest in and strengthen its 3x3 program. 

This, according to Ryan Gregorio, Special Assistant to SBP President Al S. Panlilio.

"First of all, we’re glad that our Gilas Pilipinas 3x3 Men are back home safely from their stint in Graz, Austria," said Gregorio.

"The SBP is appreciative of the sacrifices by our Gilas Pilipinas 3x3 Men, from the training pool members, to the coaches and the staff, to our five representatives who flew to Austria because what they went through was not easy," he added.

At the same time, the SBP is "ready to move forward" with its 3x3 program.

The SBP has already identified the steps it must take to ensure that the country will be more competitive in 3x3, which this year will be featured in the Olympic program for the first time.

"The first order of business is to encourage and identify 3x3 players who will be dedicated to the 3x3 discipline while also taking advantage of the flexibility of FIBA in terms of eligibility in 3x3," said Gregorio.

"We know that there are a lot of good players out there who have Filipino blood but probably won’t be able to play in the PBA due to the current rules. So it will be up to us in the federation to look for these talents and show them that a career in 3x3 is possible in the Philippines," he added.

The second step is to seek help from experts of the 3x3 game and ensure that there is transfer of knowledge from them to the Filipino players.

"Although we have talented players, 3x3 is a different game altogether. So it is a top priority for the SBP to identify a 3x3 specialist from a top-ranked country that could help with our program," said Gregorio.

Gregorio noted that Qatar was helped by Serbian star Dusan Bulut, who is ranked second among all 3x3 players in the world.

"There's a clear benefit in the transfer of knowledge, especially from European countries that have already figured out how to be dominant in the 3x3 game," he said.

The PBA will also strengthen its partnership with the PBA, which is planning to launch its own 3x3 league. The aim is to make 3x3 a viable career option for basketball players who want to focus in the half-court game.

Gregorio stressed that elevating the level of 3x3 in the PBA is crucial to the growth of the SBP's program.

"This is important because the higher the level of 3x3 played in the PBA, the better it will be for the SBP’s whole program. Outside of our partnership with the PBA, the SBP always has an open line of communication and cooperation with private entities and local promoters like (Chooks-to-Go) to further promote 3x3 basketball," he said.

Finally, the SBP also aims to use its expertise in hosting FIBA events to hold more international 3x3 competitions in the country.

"The SBP has made headway in the four basketball pillars in our country, namely, Gilas Men, Gilas Youth, Gilas Women, and Gilas 3x3 Men and Women not just by investing in our teams but also by hosting events," said Gregorio.

"The SBP plans on hosting international 3x3 tournaments to help grow the sport in the country as we know competing against the best on a regular basis will also help our players develop."


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