WATCH: Chris Tiu gives an update after busting lip


Posted at May 21 2018 05:29 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Rain or Shine guard Chris Tiu on Monday said he is "fine" after getting his upper lip stitched up on Sunday night.

Tiu found himself on the receiving end of an inadvertent elbow from GlobalPort import Malcolm White in the fourth quarter of their testy PBA Commissioner's Cup game on Sunday night.

The veteran guard later said he briefly lost consciousness due to the hard hit, and spat out a mouthful of blood to the Araneta Coliseum court before heading to their bench.

However, he refused to be rushed to a hospital, instead returning in crunch time to knock down the dagger shots in Rain or Shine's 96-90 win.

On Monday, Tiu -- his mouth covered by a mask -- revealed that following their game, he had his upper lip stitched by Dr. Gerald Sy, a plastic surgeon.


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"I asked him to make me look like David Beckham, but unfortunately, he said it's not possible," Tiu even joked. "I ended up looking like Bart Simpson, with the swollen lip."

Tiu said his injury "could've been much worse."

"I'm very thankful that it wasn't so bad," said the guard, who finished with 10 points and six assists in their win. "It's bad, but not so bad."

"I'll be fine, and I'll be back on the court, and I'll see you guys soon," he finished. 

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