Mobile Legends: Onic PH snaps Bren’s winning streak; Work Auster, Nexplay avenge in MPL7


Posted at Apr 24 2021 10:06 PM

MANILA - Onic PH on Saturday snapped defending champs Bren Esports' 3-game winning streak after a 2-0 sweep, while Work Auster Force and Nexplay Esports were able to avenge their earlier losses against Aura PH and Work Auster Force in their Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League - Season 7 matchups Saturday. 

Bren have remained winless against Onic PH after it lost in their opening league bout, 2-1. 

By the 14th minute mark on Game 1, Bren was able to clear out all of Onic’s turrets, and even take the Lord in the process. 

But all it took was around 10 minutes for Onic Esports to change the momentum and eventually turn Game 1 in their favor - thanks to some unconventional item picks by Dlar for his Thamuz, which affected their late-game outcome. 

Onic PH carried this momentum and finished the series in dominating fashion for Game 2, enjoying a wide kill and gold gap and keeping Bren from taking a single turret. 

With the loss, Bren falls to fourth place in the Group A stages with 9 points, just a point behind Onic PH with 10 points. 

Meanwhile, Work Auster Force and Nexplay Esports pulled up revenge wins against Aura PH (2-0) and Laus Playbook Esports (2-1) respectively in both of their Saturday match-ups. 

Aura PH looked poised to take Game 2 against Work Auster Force early-game but Work Auster Force’s hero draft, which consisted mostly of heroes that are strong mid-game, came out on top of the lack of damage output on the side of Aura PH, eventually putting the qualifying team at an advantage. 

Work Auster Force had lost their opening match against Aura PH last March 17. 

Meanwhile, Nexplay mounted up a 2-1 victory against Laus Playbook Esports. 

LPE first took Game 1 against Nexplay. LPE had the turret advantage in Game 2 and was poised to sweep but Nexplay eked out a decider, thanks to the services of Renejay and Yawi - who was eventually crowned the MVP of both Games 2 and 3. 

Nexplay eventually dominated Game 3 thanks to Yawi, who came out of the decider unscathed and with 6 wins and 17 assists in his belt. Yawi was named the MVP of the match. 

Work Auster Force now sits on top of the Group A standings with 16 points, followed by Aura PH, who fell to second place with 14 points. 

To watch the replay of the games, click here