Roach belittles Floyd Sr.'s training skill


Posted at Apr 04 2009 07:04 PM | Updated as of Apr 05 2009 11:05 PM

For coach Freddie Roach, Floyd Mayweather Sr. backing up Ricky Hatton isn't a problem for Manny Pacquiao.

In fact, he thinks it's an advantage for the hard-hitting lefty from General Santos City.

"A lot of people ask me if I'm worried about Manny fighting Hatton since Hatton has never lost a fight at 140 pounds,” Roach said in

"As long as Floyd Mayweather [Sr.] is in Hatton's corner, I have absolutely no concerns. It's not like his brother Roger is training him. Floyd training Hatton for this fight is our biggest advantage," he added.

Roach, who has a long-standing animosity toward Mayweather Sr., has credited Roger as the one who crafted Floyd Mayweather Jr. into a top flight boxer.

"His son's a natural born fighter - he was born to fight. His brother Roger trained him anyway, he never trained his son for a world title fight,” Roach earlier said.

Aside from Mayweather Sr. being a "liability" for Hatton, Roach claims the British champion is “not fundamentally sound as a fighter”.

"He is the perfect opponent for Manny,” said Roach.

"You're going to hear a lot of glass breaking when Manny starts playing his chin music concerto on Hatton. You're going to see who has the chops to play this masterpiece on May 2," he added.

Both Pacquiao and Hatton are currently deep into their preparations for their May 2 fight date.

"I'm a lot lot better. I'm taking shots moving the head, jabbing... So they (Team Pacquiao) have to work," said Hatton, whose trainer predicted a knockout before Round 3.

The Filipino boxer, meanwhile, refused to make predictions on the outcome of their fight.

“We don't know who will win on May 2," Pacquiao said. "Only God knows that. He is the only one who knows.”