Pacquiao not promising to KO Bradley


Posted at Mar 31 2014 05:16 PM | Updated as of Apr 01 2014 01:16 AM

Filipino boxing icon Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao will not guarantee a knockout win over Timothy Bradley Jr. in their rematch but vowed to answer all of the American's verbal potshots when they face off on April 12.

Bradley has not held back on his words while promoting the fight, repeatedly questioning Pacquiao’s killer instinct and hunger to fight.

In an episode of HBO's "24/7" reality show, Bradley said Pacquiao’s compassionate nature did not bode well for his future as a boxer.

"He's so compassionate, man, and so caring and so loving. Dude, the man can't even say he's gonna knock me out. That type of guy don't belong in the ring," Bradley said.

Pacquiao, for his part, did not rise to the bait and refused to guarantee a knockout victory.

"I'm not saying that I'm going to knock him out," the Filipino said in the same "24/7" episode.

"But I will bring back the aggressiveness and the killer instinct that he wants to see," Pacquiao guaranteed.

"It's good for me. It's good. It's kind of challenging me. I want to answer him in action on April 12th," he added.

While Pacquiao refused to make any promises, his trainer, Freddie Roach, is confident that the "Pacman" will be able to register his first knockout victory since 2009 against Bradley.

Speaking to On the Ropes Boxing Radio, Roach said Bradley's comments were a slap in the face and were firing up the "Pacman" even more.

"Bradley told Manny that he's lost his killer instinct and that he doesn't have it anymore. Manny feels like that was a little slap in the face, and I’m looking to Manny knocking this guy out," said Roach.

"I think Manny is looking forward to it as well – to show the world that he still is a great fighter, a great puncher," he added.

"He's been a little bit compassionate in some of his fights, yes, but I feel that he does have his killer instinct and he’s been showing it here in the gym. I think he's finally realized that it's not just winning. It's winning impressively that counts," Roach said.