Pacquiao now in 'the thick of training'


Posted at Mar 18 2009 09:16 AM | Updated as of Mar 18 2009 10:04 PM

When it comes to discipline in training, no one can compare to Manny Pacquiao.

Preparing for the huge fight against Ricky Hatton, Manny is dedicated.

As he always is, “The Pacman” is now in the thick of training in Los Angeles.

Every morning, workout involves roadwork. Three times a week he does flat running at the Pacific Park.

Joining Manny in his training are his brother, Bobby, and Pinoy boxer Bernabe Concepcion, who will be fighting in the undercard on May 2.

Also trying to keep up with his master is Manny’s pet dog “Pacman.”

Pacquiao has a whole team and coaching staff watching his conditioning and because they are expecting a very physical fight, they are focusing on strengthening Manny’s entire body—upper body, legs and all parts of the midsection.

“This fight, he’ll really shock everybody at how strong he is...if they thought he was strong at 147, wow at 140 he is lethal,” said Alex Ariza, Pacquiao’s conditioning coach.

After a 35-minute fast run, Manny does a whole routine of exercises including his signature shadow box training.

Manny is known for his speed, and works on it from the morning, to be used again for the fight against Hatton.

Already lightning quick, Manny is determined to become even faster.

“Talagang hindi ko pinapabayaan iyong bilis ko kahit natural iyon kasi iyon ang magiging susi lagi sa bawa’t laban para maipanalo ang fight,” he said.

Pacquiao has done two weeks of training in LA. He will continue to peak in time for the fight which is six weeks away.

“Hindi pa totally in shape. Pero so far, so good. Kailangan more time pa para makuha ang 100 percent,” added Pacquiao.

Part of the discipline is to ensure correct eating time. Manny took in a sandwich, water and juice after his tough morning workout.

And while he is focused on taking yet another world title on May 2 against England’s boxing star, “The Pacman” always has a second or two to greet his ever loyal fans.