MPL Season 9: Revamped lineup propels Bren to first season win


Posted at Mar 11 2022 09:34 PM

MPL Philippines
Bren Esports celebrates after winning Game 1 of their clash against Omega Esports. Bren, which was struggling to get in the win column in the first three weeks of MPL Season 9 action, claimed the series against Omega to secure their first season victory. Courtesy: MPL Philippines

MANILA - With a new lineup in tow, Bren Esports finally got themselves on the winning column in Season 9 of the the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League after escaping a stavy Omega Esports squad, 2-1, in their Friday clash. 

After coming out winless in the first three weeks of action, the M2 world champions revamped their entire roster and sent out their reserves en route to the statement victory. 

In his MPL Season 9 debut, Muj “LORD MALIKK” Malik made his presence felt with his Aulus in Game 1, drawing a maniac 10 minutes in to take the lead. Veteran Allan "Lusty" Castromayor Jr. providing the shot calls and support to get him the kills he needed. 

LORD MALIKK drew the MVP honors in Game 1 with a flawless 8/0/2 kill-death-assist record. 

Omega's early kills in Game 2 gave them the momentum to force a deciding set, just as Bren started to come alive. 

Patrick James "E2MAX" Caidic's Pharsa, which providid crucial support for Dean Christian "Raizen" Sumagi to draw kills in the early stages of Game 2, became the MVP in Game 2 behind a 3/2/12 KDA record. 

Omega drew six early kills to start Game 3. But Bren were able to respond, come the 8th minute mark, to slowly get themselves on the scoring board, with Pandora's Esmeralda coming alive to draw a killing spree. 

Bren found the opening they needed to make a come back in the 18th minute mark, behind a 2-1 exchange which saw E2MAX, the main source of Omega's kills at the time, and roamer Joshua "Ch4knu" Mangilog going down. 

With two players down for a minute, Bren used this to seize the opponent's base and take their first season win. 

Stowm's Mathilda, sporting a 60 percent kill participation with a 3/3/6 KDA was the MVP in Game 3.