Azkals' Moy apologetic over 'misunderstanding' with Ramos


Posted at Mar 11 2012 05:42 PM | Updated as of Mar 12 2012 01:42 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Azkals member Lexton Moy, who is embroiled in a sexual harassment case with team mate Angel Guirado, has apologized over the statement that he made that was reportedly “misunderstood” by sports official Cristy Ramos.

"To all those who I inadvertently hurt or insulted due to a comment directed to a teammate, please accept my humble apology,” Moy said in a report by The Philippine Star.

"This is a heartbreaking misunderstanding. It deeply saddens me that such a misinterpretation can be so painstakingly blown out of proportion," he added.

Ramos, a football match official, lodged a sexual harassment complaint against Moy and Guirado due to their alleged “inappropriate behavior” while she was conducting a pre-match inspection late last month.

Moy assured that he will fully cooperate with the investigation.

"Although I want the truth to be revealed as soon as possible, I will patiently handle this situation properly, appropriately, and, most of all, professionally," he said.

In her complaint filed with the Asian Football Confederation Disciplinary Committee, Ramos claimed Moy stood by her side and said in a loud voice “Must be a B cup.”

“As I was the only female in the room, he was apparently referring to my bra size,” said Ramos.

But Palami explained in the Philippine Daily Inquirer that Ramos may have misinterpreted Moy’s comment.

“They (players) were talking among themselves. There was a comment made by Denis Wolf about the flatness of Carli’s (De Murga) chest, to which Lexton Moy replied, ‘Just because you are Cup B you say that to Carli, or something to that effect. Denis and Carli even hugged each other. It was all a joke,” he said.

Ramos also claimed that during the inspection, Guirado stood in front of her “purposely just wearing his briefs.”

But the Filipino-Spanish player corrected the match official by saying that he was wearing shorts and not a pair of briefs, contrary to Ramos’ claim.

“It is very hard to perceive what people can do to get some attention. First, I was in short pants, and that being in my underwear is normal in the locker room changing for the game. What is needed, is to ask for permission before entering. If you enter, be prepared for the consequences,” Guirado said in Spanish.