Pacquiao-Hatton match also a clash of trainers


Posted at Mar 06 2009 07:18 PM | Updated as of Mar 07 2009 11:47 AM

The upcoming “Battle of East versus West” on May 2 will not only be a war between Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton but also a clash among two of the world's most controversial boxing trainers today.

It’s clear there’s bad blood between Pacquiao’s coach Freddie Roach and Hatton’s mentor Floyd Mayweather Sr. judging by the word war between the two even before the Pacquiao-Hatton superfight was finalized.

In his latest salvo, Mayweather Sr. reiterated his claim that Pacquiao’s trainer is “all joke.” 

"Trust me, Freddie (Roach) is a joke. Coach Roach wouldn't dare to approach. Believe me you will find that out,” he said in a report posted on

Mayweather Sr., who used to train Oscar de la Hoya and his own son Floyd Mayweather Jr., continued his tirade against Roach: “They've got him in the Hall of Fame, he should be in the Hall of Shame. Let's tell the truth like it is. You see Freddie Roach train, and you see me train, it's night and day. It doesn't even compare. Doesn't even come close."

Roach, meanwhile, also had his say against Mayweather Sr.

"What has Floyd Senior achieved?" Roach said in a report posted on East

"His son's a natural born fighter - he was born to fight. His brother Roger trained him anyway, he never trained his son for a world title fight… You know, he [Mayweather Sr.] tells me he's the greatest, but what has he done, who has he trained? He trained Oscar De La Hoya after Oscar had won four world titles already!” Roach continued.

Roach then conceded that the fight will still be up to the boxers.

“Give the fighters the credit - trainers are overrated, trust me. We guide our fighters in the right direction, but it's up to them to implement the game plan,” he said.

Roach and Mayweather Sr. earlier traded barbs during the match’s initial presser in Manchester, England.

According to a report posted on, Mayweather Sr. grabbed the mike during the press conference and said: “If anybody thinks Freddie ‘the Joke’ Roach can out-train me, they have to be sick.”

Roach, however, shot back: “It’s a shame Floyd senior isn’t in the Hall of Fame.”

Mayweather Sr. later turned his warning to Pacquiao as he predicted Hatton would dethrone Pacquiao: “When he beat the world legend Oscar de la Hoya, he was over the hill, now it’s time for you to swallow the same old pill.

“When it comes Manny, then you had better be ready, because I don’t want you to blame it on Freddie.”