Rift between Donaire and dad far from over

By Nadia Trinidad, ABS-CBN North America News Bureau

Posted at Mar 01 2011 09:49 PM | Updated as of Mar 02 2011 11:29 PM

SAN LEANDRO, California -- The back-story of Nonito Donaire Jr.’s boxing success is one that doesn’t have a similar happy ending. At least not yet.

The rift with his father is a tougher fight he has yet to hurdle.

It was then and it still is about money--and it’s getting messier.

Nonito’s parents once complained about their son’s alleged refusal to help their struggling family.

He claimed he did everything to support his parents, but he could only do so much.

“Ang tinanong n'yang tulong, 'bigyan mo ko ng pera para matulungan ko iyung anak ko sa labas at ang girlfriend ko'. Hindi naman 'tutulungan ko iyung mother mo',” said Nonito Jr.

“Lahat naman ng pera na binibigay ng mother ko for boxing, ang sinabi nila na for boxing, iniinom lang ng father ko eh. Mambababae lang eh,” he added. 

Nonito Jr. trained under his father before he set out on his own.

His wife, Rachel, said her father-in-law reportedly mismanaged her husband’s finances.

“He dwindled his bank account to pretty much nothing,” said Rachel.

"Two weeks into our relationship, he's asking me for money na. Kasi I had two jobs, I have to support his mom and his brother, who had no grocery money,” she added. 

Manager Cameron Dunkin tried to patch things up between father and son.

But the bickering over money never stopped.

“You know when all the checks were given, they were always made to Nonito Donaire [Sr.], it was never Junior. And his father took the money and paid Junior,” he said. 

The young boxer is now thinking of changing his name for legal purposes after he recently discovered that his social security was used in a credit card application.

He wouldn’t say who did so.

And as the family drama rages on, Nonito Sr. swears he did everything in his son’s best interest and he never stole from him.
“Hindi totoo 'yun. ang ibinigay sa aking tseke, 'yung akin... Paano ko kukunin kung hindi akin? Makikita mo sa banko kung nagdeposito ako ng perang hindi akin,” he said.

"Napakasinungaling mo," said the teary-eyed Nonito Sr.

He now works as a welder in a storage plant in Concord. He commutes about an hour everyday from San Leandro.

Nonito Sr. asked us to judge for ourselves if he would still be doing this if there is truth to allegations that he amassed his son’s wealth.

“Ang hirap hirap ng buhay ko. Magpasalamat ka, Rachel, because you got everything, you enjoy it,” said Nonito Sr.

Elder son, Glenn, appealed for sobriety.

He asked Nonito Jr. to patch things up with his old man.

“Isipin mo 'pag nawala ang magulang mo... man, marerealize mo yan pag nagkaanak ka. kung gaano kamahal ng isang ama ang anak,” he said.
ABS-CBN asked both sides if reconciliation is ever be possible.

Nonito Jr. recently said he is ready to repair his relationship with his father. 

Nonito Sr. said the same thing, adding that he actually misses his son.

But for genuine reconciliation to happen, it will take more than these words to heal old wounds.