Body Talk with Nonito Donaire

By Ricardo F. Lo, FUNFARE, The Philippine Star

Posted at Feb 24 2010 07:26 AM | Updated as of Feb 24 2010 03:26 PM

A Scorpio, Nonito Donaire Jr. stands 5’6”, weighs 115 lbs., and wears size-28 briefs and size-9.5 shoes.


What kind of diet do you follow when you are training for a fight?

“Tuna, eggs, vegetables and a little rice but only when I crave for it.”

What about your regular diet?

“Well, I eat everything because I know that during the training I carefully watch what I eat.”

Can you manage to take three meals a day?

“I try to, especially when I’m training.”

What’s usually for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

“Egg omelet and tuna melt. For lunch, it depends. When I’m watching my diet, I eat only a sandwich or I cook something light. Otherwise, I eat all kinds of stuff. For dinner, when I’m training I take only steak and tuna melt. Otherwise, I also eat anything.”

Snacks between meals?

“Fruits. I love mangoes and strawberries, all kinds of fruits.”

Do you have a sweet tooth?

“I love chocolates.”

How much water do you take per day?

“Several bottles.”


“Only if I crave for it, which is usually after a fight. Right now, I take Coke and Sprite. I love the taste.”

Coffee or tea?

“During training, a lot of green tea with ginger. I also take ginseng.”

What vitamins do you take?

“Several.” (Doesn’t mention brands.)

How much rest do you take?

“A lot. I run in the morning for about an hour and after that I sleep for about two hours. Noontime, I train for about three hours, rest and then mingle with friends; or I read or play video games.”

And how much sleep do you get per night?

“A lot. I usually sleep at around 10 p.m. and wake up at 6 a.m. And then I sleep again.”

Favorite sleep wear?

“Boxers or nothing.” (Laughs)

Last thing that you do before you sleep?

“I pray.”

And the first thing that you do when you wake up?

“I pray.”

Do you snore?

“No. I’m a quiet sleeper.”

What workout do you do?

“A lot of running, sprinting and biometrics (for leg workout, speed and power).”

What part of your body needs improvement?

“All parts of my body need improvement because I always aspire to improve what I have and what I am now. In terms of strengthening my arms, my legs, my stomach and my back, lahat-lahat na, gusto ko i-improve.”

What part is most vulnerable?

“My head and my stomach. I am strong physically but not so much emotionally. So if there’s emotional stress, I get a headache or a stomachache.”

When you see a girl, what part of her body do you notice first?

“I don’t really know. Oh yes, the lips and the eyes. You can see if a person is sincere through the lips and the eyes.”

How’s your love life?

“Absolutely amazing! I love my wife and everything that we are and we share. We both understand each other kasi, eh.”

How does Rachel deal with the fans? Isn’t she jealous...possessive?

“There are times when she’s jealous or possessive, but then nobody is perfect, di ba?”

Are you faithful?

“Yes, I am. You know, I believe in karma. I believe that God has blessed me with everything that I have, and the best thing that I can do is to be the best person that I can to my wife, to myself and to everyone.”

Do you have a nightlife?

“I must admit that there was a time when my popularity got to my head, so lumalabas ako at umiinom ako. I stopped drinking middle of last year.”

Do you smoke?

“No, I don’t. Neither do I have vices. I am clean-living.”

How’s your sex life?

“Absolutely fantastic!”

Are athletes prohibited from having sex before, in your case, a fight?

“I disagree with that. I can still have sex five days before a fight. People say dapat mga three months before a fight, pero sa akin maski three days puede pa.”

How do you cope with stress?

“I listen to music, I read inspirational books, I talk to my wife.”

Who’s your role model?

“Right now, I’m reading a book on Bruce Lee. I like his philosophy. It’s genius and it’s right for me. He’s my idol. I’m using his philosophy to make me a better person and a better fighter.”

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