Mobile Legends: Onic PH sends Bren home in Sibol qualifiers, as Flick debuts

Angela Coloma, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Jan 29 2022 03:10 PM

MANILA—Onic PH sent Bren Esports home in the Sibol qualifiers after an emphatic 2-0 sweep in their lower bracket clash, Saturday. 

Onic PH dominated to start Game 1, with Ralph Benedict “Flick” Hamoy wrecking havoc in his Sibol qualifier debut using Paquito. With the change in the lineup, Hatred, who was jungler for the first 2 games, shifted back to the midlane. 

Bren were not far behind as they took the lord twice and with 2019 SEA Games gold medalist Kyle "Phewww" Arcangel dropping well-timed feathered airstrikes using his Pharsa. 

Vincent “Joy Boy” de Guzman's Khufra snared Mark “Markyyyyy” Capacio's Clint to start a team fight, but Onic PH responded well, with Gerald “Dlarskie” Trinchera's Yu Zhong knocking up two of Onic PH's players, and setting up the squad for a 3-1 exchange. 

With Dlarskie's Yu Zhong and Greed's Kagura keeping surviving Bren players at a distance, Flick and Hatred marched their way towards Bren's base, the banana split strategy in motion to cap off Game 1 and draw first blood. 

It was again Flick who made a statement, this time with with his signature Fanny dealing heavy damage to Bren's opponents in Game 2. 

Bren eventually climbed back via a flash lord take called for when Flick and Dlarskie were depleted of their resources and ultimates. 

But the M3 finalists got back in the game when Fanny quietly destroyed Bren's bottom turrets, while everyone else was busy clashing in the farther end of the jungle, as Onic PH's put its signature banana split push in motion. 

With Bren caught off guard, Onic PH exploited this moment to destroy Bren's base and send them home.