Pacquiao won't lose sleep if Floyd says 'No'

by Abac Cordero, The Philippine Star

Posted at Jan 22 2012 10:30 AM | Updated as of Jan 22 2012 06:30 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Manny Pacquiao is not losing sleep over Floyd Mayweather Jr. rejecting his offer of a 50-50 split of the fight purse.

"Okay lang. May iba pa namang fights (It's okay. There are other fights)," said Pacquiao, who had hoped for a positive response from Mayweather.

Pacquiao said a couple of nights ago Mayweather called him on the phone, and they discussed the possibility of staging the superfight in May or June.

During their two-minute conversation, which must have felt like an hour for both fighters, Pacquiao told Mayweather they should do the fight under a 50-50 basis.

"Sana matuloy na nga (I hope it pushes through)," he told The STAR.

But the undefeated American, who will go to jail in June regardless of whom he fights next, has reportedly thumbed down Pacquiao's golden offer.

Many think it's the best way to do the fight, with both superstars getting just as much as the other – fair and square.

Mayweather, however, has other things in mind. He thinks he's better than Pacquiao, and deserves more than the Filipino champion in eight weight classes.

"He asked about a 50/50 split and I told him no, that can't happen," Sportscenter quoted Mayweather as saying.

Mayweather must have made up his mind that if he doesn't get more than Pacquiao, then he'd fight someone else, for a much, much lesser price.

"But what can happen is you (Pacquiao) can make more money fighting me than you have made in your career," Mayweather apparently told Pacquiao over the phone.

"I also let him know I'm in control on my side but he needs to get on the same page as his promoter so we can make this fight happen," Sportscenter also wrote.

Pacquiao wouldn't budge either. He said 50-50 is it, nothing more, nothing less. Or he fights someone else as well.

"I've chosen my next opponent," said Pacquiao.

And the name of that chosen one will soon be announced by Bob Arum once the legendary promoter finally gives up on the Mayweather fight.

It could be Miguel Cotto up next for Pacquiao even if Juan Manuel Marquez, Tim Bradley and Lamont Peterson are in the mix or used to be in the mix.

If Pacquiao takes on Cotto on June 9, the eve of the Puerto Rico Day parade, Arum said it may take place at the Thomas and Mack Center or the MGM.

Arum had said Pacquiao vs Mayweather can happen late in May or June 9 in Las Vegas. Otherwise, both fighters have to move on, and hope they end up doing the fight in November.

Arum is sick and tired of people saying he's the one who doesn't want the fight to happen.

"I'm not stopping any fight. This is all for public relations, it's nonsense. Arum's blocking the fight and so on, it's just ridiculous. What's going on is not rational," Arum told boxing scribe Michael Marley .

"This is not the normal way you put together a big fight. The normal way would be for us to sit down somewhere. Mayweather said he won’t agree to a 50-50 split with Manny. Now that's something blocking the fight, something we won’t agree to," the Top Rank chief added.

Pacquiao is giving Mayweather his best offer, at 50-50, but again, he won't lose sleep if it doesn't come along. He's not the one going to jail anyway.