How Chavit helped Pacquiao save marriage with Jinkee


Posted at Jan 13 2019 05:51 PM

MANILA – Former Ilocos Sur Governor Chavit Singson revealed Manny Pacquiao personally sought his help when he and his wife Jinkee weren’t on good terms sometime in 2011.

Speaking to Philippine Star columnist Wilson Lee Flores, Singson said it was actually Jinkee who was angry at Pacquiao just before his third bout against Juan Manuel Marquez.

“She refused to go to Las Vegas, Pacquiao then asked for my help and promised that he would change,” said Singson.

“I talked to Jinkee and convinced her to support him, because I told her that if Pacquiao was depressed and if he lost, then the future of their kids will also be lost. She agreed,” he added.

True to his word, Singson said the Filipino boxing icon indeed changed after he and Jinkee were able to save their marriage. Since then, Singson said Pacquiao has experienced a renewal of faith.

“Yes, Pacquiao changed and started doing Bible study, pero ang problema sumobra,” he said, laughing. “There was a time, he’d do Bible studies every day! I told him to just do Bible study once a week, not too much. Now it’s no longer every day.”

In an interview with Anthony Taberna in 2014, Pacquiao admitted his relationship with Jinkee was affected by his vices, which included gambling and womanizing.

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