Pinoys in UK outraged by 'racist' Brit comedy


Posted at Oct 06 2008 09:59 AM | Updated as of Oct 06 2008 11:11 PM

Filipinos in the United Kingdom condemned a BBC sketch comedy for airing a skit that is considered demeaning to Filipino domestic helpers.

The "Harry and Paul” show, aired over BBC on September 26, showed a Filipino domestic worker in a maid's uniform dancing provocatively in front of a man in an attempt to seduce him.

According to the two title characters, the Filipina was following the wishes of a neighbor who wanted “their northerner” to “mate” with the “Filipina maid.”

Filipino leaders denounced the comedy act as racist and said it promotes sexual exploitation and demeans the image of Filipino domestic helpers.

Philippine Ambassador Edgardo Espiritu criticized the skit as "gutter humor." He said the show counters the advocacy of the British government to observe equality for all and respect for human rights.

Filipino organizations have started mapping out plans for a protest action against BBC.

Loline Adelina Reed is leading an e-mail brigade to create awareness among Filipinos worldwide regarding the impact of the program to Filipino domestic workers.

Reed said the BBC should issue a public apology for the skit.

Other Filipinos in the UK said the BBC comedy scene was even worse than the script of an episode of the American TV series "Desperate Housewives", which questioned the ability of Filipino medical graduates. Danny Buenafe and Mike Duque, ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau