Kin of murdered Belgian convinced Pinay wife did it

By Raquel Bernal-Crisostomo, ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau

Posted at Jul 24 2009 12:06 PM | Updated as of Jul 24 2009 08:06 PM

The family of a Belgian national who was found dead inside his home in Dumaguete City two years ago suspected that his wife had a hand in the crime.

“When my brother gave me his last phone call on a Sunday, he told me he was going to sell the area behind his house and Fhe, his wife shall only get 30% of the payment,” Luc Verjans said.

His brother, Patrick, was found dead in his Barangay Talay home in April 2007. The decomposing body of the 58-year old Verjans sustained stab wounds at the back.

Police investigation showed that there was no sign of forced entry found in the house but confirmed that the Belgian’s digital camera, wristwatch, flat-screen computer, laptops, DVD and media player were all missing.

Luc claimed to have spoken to his brother two days prior to his gruesome death.

“Patrick told me that should anything happen to him, Fhe (Juego) has something to do with it,” Luc said.

Luc even shared with ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau that Patrick and Juego have been separated for years. Patrick apparently discovered months after they settled in the Philippines that prior to their marriage, his wife was married to another man in Dumaguete.

The Verjans’ family suspects that Juego, together with her chauffeur and Patrick’s gardener, planned the crime.

“I truly hope that Fhe is not involved but all the indications I got from the time that Patrick was still in the Philippines, she was pretty much lying. The investigation conducted by the policemen also stated that Fhe has something to do with it,” he said.

The Verjans stayed in Belgium for fear of suffering the same fate as Patrick if they pursue the case in the Philippines. They decided to leave everything in the hands of the investigators in charge. However, they complained of the case’s slow progress and that the suspects are still at large.

Luc even claimed that at the time of the initial investigation, the suspects were nowhere to be found. But he received reports that the chauffeur and the gardener are now living in Patrick’s house.

He made it clear that they are not after Patrick’s properties in Dumaguete. They only want justice for his brother. They hope those responsible for Patrick’s death rot in jail.