Pinoy UNICEF artist in solo Singapore exhibit


Posted at Apr 16 2008 03:10 AM | Updated as of Apr 16 2008 11:10 AM

Good News Pilipinas

A happy, colourful and funfilled family life is the theme of Wilfredo Alicdan's first solo exhibit in Singapore. Entitled "Fruition," the United Nation's Children's Fund (UNICEF) artist is one of Asia's most talented contemporary painters.Alicdan's 14 new works will be showcased from April 13 to 27. 2008 at the Art Space of Royal Plaza on Scotts. 25 Scotts Road.

Alicdan is one of the Philippines most sought after artists. His highly-geometric, colorful figures, literally pops out against a background of solid and extremely vivid color. Painting now for more than a decade, and exhibiting his works in Singapore, Hong Kong, Manila and New York, Alicdan's approach has garnered him, a slew of major art awards.

He also supports UNICEF which reproduces his art works as UNICEF cards for the benefit of children all over the world.

Pinoy UNICEF artist in solo Singapore exhibit 1

As the most basic unit of society, the family often extends the primary influence on the development of an artist. More so with Alicdan who hails from a social background where families are very closely-knit.

"It's really very personal. Each painting is about the different aspects of family life as I know it â€" enjoying life as a family, achieving fulfillment, and just basically having fun with the family," Alicdan enthused.

He, himself, comes from a large family with eight siblings. His father had 12 brothers and sisters. And though he had limited himself to only one child so far, memories of growing up in a large brood has made an impact in the style that he has come to develop.

Alicdan's works, he explained, has been influenced by the geometric styling of the Philippines' National Artist Arturo Luz. But while the latter has explored the sharp edges of corners and straight lines, Alicdan has chosen to delve into the rounder side â€" incorporating circles heavily into his pieces.

Pinoy UNICEF artist in solo Singapore exhibit 2

In a way, his art follows a certain pattern. It begins with a solid background followed by dominant black circles to represent the heads of his faceless human figures. The large, rounded bodies make up the rest of the space â€" often drawn as a tight unit affirming the close family ties prevalent in Philippine society.

Apart from the rounded figures, however, it is the vivid colors that Alicdan uses which make his works extremely easy to identify even from a distance. The colors, he explained, serves as a counterpoint to the solid black circles that represent the heads. He added that the most critical color choice is the very first â€" the solid background. It often dictates the colors that will follow next. Furthermore, the colors also soften the harshness of the perfect circles.

A Fine Arts graduate from the Philippine Women's University under the tutelage of Ibarra Dela Rosa, Alicdan's style has truly evolved from his earlier attempts about two decades ago. His works are cleaner, tighter, more focused, and truly breath-taking to behold. Indeed, his labors have born fruit in more ways than one.

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