‘Apathetics’ helped Trump win US elections, expert says

Arianne Merez, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Nov 11 2016 05:33 PM

MANILA- Donald Trump’s presidential win in the recent US elections can be attributed to his presentation of himself as a maverick and a political outsider which resonated with voters, particularly the “apathetics,” an expert said on Friday.

Political Science Professor and Democratic supporter Benjamin Muego said Trump owes his victory to a group of Americans called apathetics or people who generally do not vote and are virtually out of the political system.

According to Muego, apathetics, which account for about 33 percent of Americans in the recent elections, are usually first-time voters and are mostly non-college educated.

“Trump was able to get bigger support from people who have never voted before. Trump presented himself as a maverick as a political outsider and that message resonated with a lot of people, a lot of voters, and they followed him all the way until the end,” Muego said.

He added that though Democratic bet Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, he thinks the Democrats could not have done so much to win the support of apathetic voters since most of them are looking for someone who is not part of American politics.

“I don’t know any kind of that rational appeal would have done any better for Hillary because these are voters who were obviously turned off by the so-called establishment,” Muego said.

Muego added that Trump’s change of demeanor following his win to a “very friendly” and “mild kind of rhetoric” may take some time for the American public to get used to.

Demonstrators across the US took to the streets to protest the real estate mogul’s victory in the US elections.

According to Muego, these demonstrations appear to be “unorganized” and are mostly joined by young people or “millennials.”

He said the impact of these protests would depend on how committed the demonstrators are and on the public support it can generate along the way.

Trump, the 70-year-old Republican nominee, was elected 45th US president in a stunning upset, after securing 276 electoral votes over Clinton's 218, AP count showed.