Major overhaul in US immigration policies if Republicans retain Congress control: lawyer


Posted at Nov 07 2018 01:36 AM

MANILA - A United States immigration lawyer warned Tuesday of a major overhaul in America’s immigration policies should Republicans maintain their control in the House. 

“If the Republicans maintain control, there is a genuine risk that there could be some major immigration overhaul that would restrict family-based immigration, possibly put forward an agenda kind of life, end birthright citizenship. We could see fewer abilities to work, fewer abilities to migrate,” said Atty. Eric Welsh, a US immigration lawyer.

Meanwhile, the senior adviser of the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (AmCham) praised the Trump administration and the Republican-controlled US Congress as being good for the Philippines and U.S. businesses in the country.

“US business is thriving in the PH, it’s been here in almost 120 years and expands with the economy and the economy is growing at a good solid rate," AmCham senior adviser John Forbes said.

Democrats face their toughest political map in decades in the Senate, which Republicans currently control 51-49. It is more favorable in the House, where Democrats need to gain 23 seats to take control of the 435-seat chamber.

The two parties are also battling over dozens of governor's races, including tight high-profile contests in Georgia and Florida, where two Democrats are seeking to make history as the first African-Americans to lead those states. --With Agence France-Presse