Remains of Filipina worker in Iraq finally coming home


Posted at Oct 19 2016 05:45 PM

MANILA - The remains of a Filipina worker in Iraq will finally be brought home, almost two months after her passing. 

Iraq Chargé d'Affaires Elmer Cato earlier shared the story of Laida Hajan, who was trafficked into the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The Philippine Embassy had not been notified of Hajan's passing, until after 40 days supposedly due to the manpower agency's neglect.

The agency also failed to give the contact information for her family in the country, but Philippine diplomats were able to get her real name and reach her family in Mindanao through the help of the Filipinos in Kurdistan.

She was later identified as Hajan, 36, known to her friends in Erbil as "Enon." She was a Tausug wife and mother of seven from Barangay Kapian, Indanan, Sulu.

On Wednesday, Cato wrote in a Facebook post that Hajan "will soon be reunited with her loved ones in the Philippines" almost two months after she passed away.


Hajan is only one of many Filipinos who were trafficked into Iraq, where there is an existing deployment ban.

"Laida was a victim of human trafficking. There are many more victims like her out there. Please help us find them," wrote Cato in a separate post.