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Filipino-organized tattoo convention held in Toronto

Jocelyn Reyes-Sambilay | TFC News Toronto

Posted at Sep 23 2023 08:39 PM

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Tattoo enthusiasts and the best tattoo artists from across Canada flocked to Toronto for the "Dutdutan" Tattoo Convention.

The event, organized by Tala Entertainment, was held in Canada for the first time in its 23 years.

Dutdutan Tattoo Convention was established in the Philippines, and has since celebrated the art of tattooing and music.

"Dutdutan was a term coined by Alfred Guevarra, the founder of [the event]," said Ramon Zialcita, the host of Dutdutan. "It was a term used for tattoos. Tala Entertainment showed interest, and proved to everybody that they could also handle their own version of Dutdutan. This is the prodigy."

The highlight of the Dutdutan was the highly anticipated tattoo competition.

Tattoo artist Mika Maglantay said she found her model John Reyes after a search for who can represent her neo-traditional design.

Another tattoo model took on as a Japanese geisha. "It's a mutual decision with my artist because his specialty is Japanese," the model said.

Meanwhile, bands like TypeCast, GreyHoundz, and the Chocolate Factory from the Philippines performed at the event.

Local artists like Laurenz Dadural and his nine-year-old brother Lance from Utol Band also showcased their talent.

Justice Laygo's tattoo creation swept all the major awards, including Best Colored Tattoo, Tattoo of the Day, and the prestigious Best in Show Tattoo.

Alex Galang, a seasoned artist with 17 years of experience in tattoing, was one of the event's judges.

He said he is glad at the growing appreciation for tattooing as an art form among Filipinos in Toronto.

Organizers are grateful for the success of the event. For them, it proves that the Dutdutan was not only an expo, but also a celebration of the artistry, culture, and the thriving tattoo community in Canada.