Book about Filipino women taken offline in Korea


Posted at Aug 20 2018 05:07 PM

MANILA - A book about Filipino women written by a Korean man has been removed from online book retailers after complaints that it is "obscene and racist."

According to The Korea Times, the e-book "How to Treat Bar Hostesses in the Philippines" received flak after a tweet about it spread earlier this month.

Many expressed concern about the book's content, which talks about how to deal with Filipino women from a Korean man's perspective.

The book's author, identified only as "Kevin Cho," urged his readers to "make the best use of Filipinas, who can give unforgettable memories."

"Even if you are not a womanizer in Korea, you will definitely be one in the Philippines. This is not the case only for Koreans but also Japanese and Americans. The fact that the Korean Wave is sweeping across Asia makes you feel even more proud. While studying English there, women can be either medicine or poison."

The book was published three years ago by Scene in the Moonlight.

After the issue about the book surfaced, many people in Korea complained about it with online bookstores and demanded that they stop selling it.

All major online bookstores, except Kyobo Book Centre, had removed their book from the websites as of Thursday night.