Pinoy women join 'Resist Trump Tuesdays' protest


Posted at Jan 25 2017 03:21 PM

LOS ANGELES, CA - Just a few days after the massive Women's March, rallies are again being organized to protest US President Donald Trump, with many Pinoys joining the mass action.

Women activists again gathered for what they called "Resist Trump Tuesdays."

According to organizer Joyce Swan, there are similar protests across the US.


"There are movements going on around the country every single Tuesday to let Trump know we will not go quietly. His lies will not go unheard and unnoticed and unchallenged," Swan said.

Filipino-American Teresa Padua said she will make it a point to join the weekly protests.

"It affects everyone. It affects every single one of us no matter what color we are, what sex we are, who we love, what status we are. This affects all of us, our healthcare system, it affects all in a negative way," said Padua.

Protesters were particularly concerned over Trump's choices for his cabinet. One name that stood out was Betsy DeVos who is being eyed as Education Secretary.

"Our concern is all the people he's appointing to these offices that don't have the ability or understanding like what education department is what the health department is. Seems like they want to dismantle every thing that's in place," continued Padua.

DeVos, who is a billionaire like Trump, is hounded by conflict-of-interest allegations because of her ties to several education companies.

Organizers said the nationwide actions will include letter-writing campaigns and calls to elected officials.

-- with a report from Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN News