Political analysts believe candidates should be ready to deal with criticism and black propaganda, especially as the election nears.

Speaking on ANC's "#NoFilter," Professor Prospero de Vera said candidates should always be ready to answer questions, especially when attending forums.

"I like what happened, even the cyberbullying, because we are treating our candidates with kid gloves too much. We don't call their attention, we don't criticize them. And it's good notice that when you go to an event, you go to UP Los Baños, you're going to get questions from all angles, and you should be ready to respond," he said.

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Teddy Locsin Jr., on the other hand, said candidates should be ready to be both on the receiving end of black propaganda.

"If you going to give out an insult like that, if you're going to cut somebody, be prepared to be cut yourself. I think the education is both ways," he said.

"The candidates should be as ready to dish it out as ready to take it," Locsin added.

A student from the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) suffered from cyberbullying after a video of him supposedly disrespecting Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in a forum went viral online.

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