The Duterte Promises 1

The Duterte Promises

MANILA, Philippines -- President Rodrigo Duterte is expected to give his first "call to arms" to the nation and to colleagues in government during his maiden State of the Nation Address Monday.

Duterte will lay down his legislative agenda, his policies on peace and order and illegal drugs, and his plans for the country's transportation woes in what his premier communications officer said would be an "optimistic but very poignant" speech

For a quick guide on what Duterte has promised, and what could be his priority action areas, ABS-CBN News Digital (AND) culled into a list these Duterte promises, based largely on a collection from the book "The Duterte Manifesto" published by the ABS-CBN Publishing.


The Duterte Promises 3

School children struggle to make it home on foot or via pedicab on a rainy day that has spurred floods in Lupang Arenda, Rizal province. Scenes like these are commonplace in the Philippines, where people blame corruption for government's inability to provide basic services like working roads. Jonathan Cellona, ABS-CBN News

  • Enact laws on Freedom of Information Act, Anti-Dynasty, Anti-Political Turncoatism

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  • Improve Anti-Dummy Law
  • Monitor frontline government officials real time
  • Promote “good governance” and moral values at all levels

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  • “Right-size” government
  • Institutionalize governance partnership with civil society
  • Rule and lead by example using 4 principles of good governance: transparency, accountability, participation, predictability 
  • Amend Bank Secrecy Law to speed up investigation for possible anomalies among officials

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