THE DAY IN PHOTOS: August 25, 2022


Posted at Aug 25 2022 11:45 PM

Here are the day's top stories in photos.

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Ukraine celebrates independence amid ongoing war with Russia

Pedestrians walk by an Ukrainian national flag fluttering next to the Motherland monument illuminated in the colors of the Ukrainian flag at the WWII open-air museum during Ukraine's Independence Day in Kyiv on Wednesday. Ukraine celebrated its independence day six months into the ongoing Russian invasion that started on February 24. Genya Savilov, AFP

A super typhoon in Jupiter the size of Earth

Jupiter is shown in a wide-field view, showing the planet with its faint rings, which are a million times fainter than the planet, and two tiny moons called Amalthea (left) and Adrastea at the edge of the ring in this image obtained from NASA and taken by the James Webb Space Telescope on Tuesday. The swirling white cloud on the bottom right is a storm called Great Red Spot, estimated to be bigger in size to planet Earth. NASA handout via AFP

Fire victims take shelter in Timoteo Paez Elementary School

Evacuees take a shower on Thursday at the Timoteo Paez Elementary School where they are temporarily staying following the previous night’s fire. The fire in Barangay 144 reached the third alarm and left some 300 families homeless. George Calvelo, ABS-CBN News

Health workers stage noise barrage, call for release of COVID-19 allowance

Health workers from different Government-Owned and -Controlled Corporations (GOCC) hospitals stage a noise barrage protest in front of the Philippine Heart Center in Quezon City on Thursday. The group is calling on the government to release the One Covid Allowance (OCA) and Health Emergency Allowance (HEA) for health workers in relation to their COVID-19 public service. Jire Carreon, ABS-CBN News Jire Carreon, ABS-CBN News

France marks 80th anniversary of forced Nazi conscription

Visitors look at pictures of "Malgre-nous" (Against our will) listed as missing on a Wall of Names, during a ceremony marking the 80th anniversary of a Nazi decree ordering citizens of Alsace and Moselle to be incorporated by force into the Wehrmacht, the German regular army, during the Second World War, in Obernai, eastern France, on Thursday. The idea of the Wall of Names has become a huge string of faces: around 12,000 small portraits, aligned and superimposed, listed in alphabetical order, to concretely visualize the drama of the incorporation of force. Patrick Hertzog, AFP