THE DAY IN PHOTOS: July 21, 2022


Posted at Jul 21 2022 11:44 PM

Here are the day's top stories in photos.

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Killer heat in the UK, southern Europe

A pedestrian walks past a newspaper headline highlighting the extreme heat in London, Britain on Wednesday. The United Kingdom has seen temperatures reach over 40C during the heatwave that has spread from southern Europe, with authorities saying over 1,000 lives have been claimed so far. Andy Rain, EPA-EFE

ML@50 launched to counter historical revisionism on martial law

Members of multi-sectoral groups launch ML@50, which aims to correctly observe the 50th anniversary of martial law under Ferdinand Marcos Sr., on Thursday in Quezon City. The movement seeks to counter all forms of historical distortions and revisionism about martial law and about the country during the time of Marcos Sr.'s rule from 1965 to 1986. Mark Demayo, ABS-CBN News

Cooling off while testing for COVID

A health worker sits next to a block of ice to cool off as she prepares for COVID-19 coronavirus tests at a swab collection site in Nanchang, in China's central Jiangxi province on Thursday. China on Tuesday reported 935 infections, the highest daily count since May 21, even as it continues its strict zero-COVID policy. AFP

Household consumption to help in PH economic growth

A man wearing a face mask and face shield as a precaution against COVID-19 buys fish at the Marikina market on Thursday. The Asian Development Bank on Thursday said the Philippine economy is likely to grow faster than anticipated in 2022 fueled by relaxed COVID-19 restrictions, expansion of the vaccination program, rebound in investment, and household consumption. Jonathan Cellona, ABS-CBN News

Maize maze calls for peace

An aerial photo taken with a drone shows the motifs of two knights and word peace related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict in a maize field on the Luenemann farm in Selm near Luenen, Germany on Thursday. Every year, farmer Benedikt Luenemann creates a labyrinth in his three-hectare maize field with a motif on current events. Sascha Steinbach, EPA-EFE