THE DAY IN PHOTOS: May 5, 2020


Posted at May 06 2020 01:18 AM

Here are the big stories today in photos.

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‘Mask saves’

Rio's Christ the Redeemer statue is lit up as if wearing a protective mask, with message “mask saves” written in Portuguese, amid the new coronavirus pandemic, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Sunday. At least 3.5 million were infected with COVID-19 with deaths rising to at least quarter of a million globally according to the Johns Hopkins University report. Leo Correa, AP

Surviving Happyland

Luis Alfonso, 46, who lost his house during a fire, takes his lunch beside his makeshift home in Happyland in Barangay 105, Tondo Manila on Tuesday. Alfonso was among 281 violators apprehended by local police during the implementation of the “hard lockdown” in Tondo’s 1st district on May 3 to 5 while he was preparing breakfast outside the makeshift house made of tarpaulin and wood. George Calvelo, ABS-CBN News

Swabbing centers for SARS-CoV-2

Health workers from the Philippine Coast Guard prepare during an inspection of a 'mega swabbing' center at the Palacio de Maynila events venue in Manila on Tuesday. The testing center, which has 65 swabbing booths, can test 1,000 individuals a day for the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2). Czar Dancel, ABS-CBN News

Physical distancing in railway systems

A worker on Tuesday paints physical distancing markers on seats and train floors in preparation for the lifting of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) in Metro Manila. The transportation department issued a guideline for public transport operations mandating 1-meter physical distancing in trains and stations to prevent the spread of COVID-19 with the scheduled lifting of the ECQ on May 15. Railway systems are expected to operate within 10-13 percent of its current capacity, accommodating 43 passengers per train car for LRT-1, 40 passengers per train car for LRT-2 and 51 passengers per train car for MRT-3. Mark Demayo, ABS-CBN News

Silent protest

Employees and members of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines light candles in front of the headquarters of ABS-CBN Corp in Quezon City on Tuesday. The National Telecommunications Commission issued a cease and desist order against the broadcast network even if it said previously that it would issue provisional authority to allow ABS-CBN to operate until June 2022 while Congress deliberates on its franchise renewal. Jire Carreon, ABS-CBN News

Showing solidarity

Activists hold placards during a protest in front of the ABS-CBN headquarters in Quezon City on Tuesday. The broadcast network went off the air Tuesday night following a cease and desist order from the National Telecommunications Commission as its franchise renewal is still pending in Congress. Basilio H. Sepe, ABS-CBN News

A Kapamilya sheds tears

An employee of ABS-CBN fails to control her emotions after watching TV Patrol before it went off air on Tuesday. The network stopped all shows on television following the cease and desist order of the National Telecommunications Commission on the network to broadcast on air. Fernando G. Sepe Jr., ABS-CBN News