LOOK: How funeral workers retrieve the deceased in the time of COVID-19

Vincent Go, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Apr 28 2020 06:22 PM | Updated as of Apr 28 2020 10:14 PM

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is extra careful not to contract the disease.

This is especially true for funeral workers who must be much more cautious in handling the deceased, more so from ones who died due to mysterious causes.

In the morning of April 27, inside a shanty in Caloocan City, a 79-year-old man passed away from unknown causes. 

Living in a slum community along Lapu-lapu Ext., Brgy 12, with his wife, the man developed cough and had been feeling unwell for a week already prior to his death.

After being informed, the barangay arranged for the deceased to be picked up. But it took the mortuary until the following morning, Tuesday, to retrieve the body.

The 89-year-old wife had to spend the night with the body of her partner.

Funeral workers, who donned personal protective equipment, put the body in a casket, before navigating through narrow pathways to reach the ambulance. They followed protocols, including disinfecting the area for health precautions.

Also, as part of protocols, there will be no wake for the deceased. Cadavers will be placed in body bags or coffins, and immediately buried or cremated.

As the pandemic continues to affect lives daily, even how people grieve for their departed loved ones have changed.

Mortuary workers arrive on Tuesday, a day after a man's death was reported, to retrieve the body in a slum community in Caloocan City. Vincent Go, ABS-CBN News

The workers put on protective equipment before entering the area. Vincent Go, ABS-CBN News

The coffin where the body will be placed is unloaded from the ambulance. Vincent Go, ABS-CBN News

The mortuary workers also help bring out the wife of the deceased as she can no longer walk. Vincent Go, ABS-CBN News

The casket is left outside the shanty due to the limited space. Vincent Go, ABS-CBN News

Workers then navigate through the confined space to bring out the coffin. Vincent Go, ABS-CBN News

After sealing the coffin, the workers are sprayed with disinfectant to keep up with health protocols. Vincent Go, ABS-CBN News

Volunteer firemen enter the alley after the coffin is brought out. Vincent Go, ABS-CBN News

For health purposes, the firemen spray the whole area with disinfectant. Vincent Go, ABS-CBN News

The disinfection is carried out even on the road leading to the alley. Vincent Go, ABS-CBN News

The wife sits outside her home as firemen disinfect the community. Vincent Go, ABS-CBN News