The enemies within

Editorial cartoon by Dennis Gasgonia, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Jul 28 2019 02:49 PM

The enemies within

We've also seen the enemy, Mr. President, and he's not us. At least, not only. 

When it comes to corruption, the enemies are public officials and private citizens who choose to give bribes. 

When it comes to low wages and job insecurity, the enemies are anti-labor laws, overpopulation and labor surplus (which depress wages), and greedy employers. 

When it comes to crime, the enemies are not just the criminals but the country's slow (and sometimes corrupt) criminal justice system. 

When it comes to dirty cities, the enemies are local officials who are poor executors of local ordinances. 

However, you are right, Mr. President when you said that citizens are partly to blame for some of the country's problems. Many choose to keep silent amid wrongdoing instead of standing up for their rights and demanding accountability from start to finish. 

Sometimes, the enemy is us, Mr. President. But most Filipinos are your friends: they pay the right taxes, they don't give bribes, they want to help others, and they dream of having a better society. And there have been many times when they stood up and fought against bad governance, either on the streets or through the ballot. 

So, kudos Mr. President for being a staunch fighter against corruption and crime, but don't forget that some of your friends were once our country's enemies; some of our enemies could be within.