Duterte: Arrest erring taxi drivers for swindling, estafa


Posted at Dec 30 2016 04:58 AM

MANILA - President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday advised the riding public to start reporting erring taxi drivers to the police.

"Kayong kinukolektahan ng more than the usual or exorbitant fares, do not go to the LTFRB [ Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board], you go to the police," Duterte said.

In an interview with PTV, the president said taxi drivers who charge exorbitant amounts could be liable for estafa.

"I am ordering the police to arrest them. For what? Estafa. That's a crime, swindling," he added.

While Duterte admitted that taxi drivers were among those vocal in supporting his bid for the presidency, he said he wants to "instill discipline."

"I am not trying to scare you," Duterte told taxi drivers. "I am just trying to put sense into your heads."

Duterte also advised taxi drivers to petition the government to increase taxi rates instead of overcharging passengers.

"There are rates prescribed by government. If drivers are not happy with the amount, all they have to do is to petition the government for a higher fare."