15 gang leaders ink peace, cooperation deal with BuCor

Sherrie Ann Torres, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Dec 27 2018 07:13 PM

MANILA - Fifteen gang leaders inside the Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) on Thursday signed an agreement promising to end the practice of forming packs and help eradicate illegal drugs and kidnapping in the country being dictated by their jailed masterminds.

The signatories are all based inside the Maximum Security Compound representing a total of 19,563 inmates.

Those who took the vow, burned their gang’s placards, and signed the agreement in front of BuCor officials led by Director General Nicanor Faeldon are the leaders of:

- OXO Original Brotherhood 
- Batang Mindanao
- Sigue-Sigue Mindanao
- Genuine Ilocano group
- Sigue-Sigue commando

- Batman
- Batang Cebu
- Bahala na gang
- Happy Go Lucky
- Batang City jail

- Querna
- Bicol region Masbate
- Chinese Community
- Batang Samar-Leyte.

Meantime, other smaller groups that also joined the signing are Marshal, Pastoral Security Group, Vanguard, Silver Violet, 1st APSAAFF and Kalasag Org.

Commander Buloy of OXO and Aldrin of Sigue-Sigue Sputnik Gang said their only request from the BuCor is to increase the number of their visitation day from the current once a month to as “frequent as possible.”

Faeldon, in his brief talk after the signing, thanked the inmates for cooperating with his leadership.

He said that in exchange for such “courageous” decision of the inmates is his commitment to speed up the process of recommending the next set of parolees and candidates for executive clemency, like the initial 2,000 inmates that the BuCor has already submitted to the Public Attorney’s Office for a review of their cases.

Faeldon, in a press briefing, said he personally went around the maximum security compound and personally talked to the gang leaders individually about his intention to dissolve groups in exchange of a village-like at atmosphere inside the BuCor.

“Pag in jail ka, dehumanized ka. Binaligtad namin. You are here to be transformed. Kasi siga naman talaga yang mga yan eh. 'Wag mo silang takutin, show them what’s human treatment,” Faeldon told reporters.

“We also give them the responsibility to help in solving crimes. Drugs, kidnapping kanila yan eh. Yun ang binigay nating responsibility sa kanila. 'Wag natin silang itulak, try to embrace them also."

Under the new system will be the designation of a different leader every day.

Every infraction or violation - like confiscation of a prohibited item - will result in diminished privileges of the assigned leader for the day as well as all the inmates, Faeldon said.

Faeldon said high-profile personalities like JB Sebastian, Herbert Colangco and others no longer represent their groups but were only “adopted members” of the gang they used to lead.

To date, the BuCor is also currently investigating certain personnel said to be in cahoots with gang leaders engaged in illegal activities.

All of them face possible summary dismissal as penalty.